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08/03/2011 15.26 BOSSON

Today it is womens day and I want to take the opportunity to give some looooooove to all the beautiful girls in Russia and Eastern Europe since I think that you are the sweetest and most attractive girls that I've ever met.

I think I speak for every man when I say this and if it wasn't for the women in the world... well... what would be the purpose of life really?

So thank you for being wonderful, beautiful and for simply being you. We looooooove you!!


22/02/2011 16.37 Bosson

Thank you soooo much for your greetings and sweet words everybody! I've read it now... :-) Thanx Max and Veronica for the nice video! I hope I can come and visit you soon with the new songs! Hang in there and keep in touch! Thank you Elena, Sascha, Max, and Tanya for the work you've done for the new album so far! See you soon! Lots of looooooove, Staffan

06/03/2010 00.07 Bosson

Congratulations Maxim! Thanx for all the hard work you are doing with this website. I know there has been some conflicts here and allthough I don''t know exactly what it has been the problem, it doesn''t really matter. Cause from this day it will be a new start.;-) Everybody will treat eachother with respect, forgive eachother for whatever has been and leave the rest behind. Simply turn the page. This goes for both sides, no matter who is right or wrong. From now on we will not put any comments about this topic. We will be positive and I hope you are looking forward to all the fun things coming up, like the new album, videos, photos, meetings, performances etc. I do! It will be great to come out from my little cave... :-) My manager Elena is also here on this site, representing me giving you information and try to sort things out. So if you hear anything from her it''s also my words... :-) Have a great day Maxim I hope I will see you and everybody else soon! Lots of loooooove, Bosson

25/02/2010 18.36 Bosson
Thank you sooooo much everybody for your birthdaywishes poems and sweet words!! My manager translated... :-) I had a great day with family and friends here in Gothenburg. Hope you are fine and I hope to see you all sooooooon!! Lots of loooooove, Bosson

06/11/2009 00.11 Bosson
Hello everybody! Thank you for celebrating my songs at the same time! I really appreciate that you still keep on supporting me... Lots of loooooove!

05/11/2008 02.41 Bosson
Hello everybody! I heard about your little session... Thank you for thinking about me and for playing my songs. i''m glad that I could contribute with a positive feeling in different ways, in your life, through my music. Lots of loooooove!

31/12/2006 23.42 Bosson
Hello everybody! Thank you sooo much for a great year 2006 and I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2007!
I hope to see you soon again!
Lots of loooooooooove!

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